Healthcare Supplyline Inc.

Welcome to Healthcare Supplyline Inc. Our mission is to help you succeed professionally and financially. Whether it is by offering you better products at lower prices, demonstrating income producing opportunities that benefit your patients, practice and community or by helping you manage your business, We are in business to see that you thrive in business. Our website is the gateway to our warehouses. Our sales representatives are your liaisons to better pricing and more economical practice. Use both to your advantage and watch your income increase.


  • Dental Products

    We sell the same products as the larger companies, just for less and we often sell products that are better. If you are tired of spending 40% more than you need to for supplies you need every day, buy what you need here and speak to your rep.

  • Dental Implants

    You can buy high quality FDA Certified dental implants made in Israel for as little as $89/ implant.* Buy in bulk and save more or buy the same product from a US Manufacturer and pay over $250.

  • Dental Equipment

    Need to modernize your office? How about building a satellite office? Put your project together for less and get up to 100% financing in as little as 10 seconds. We have made arrangements to help you make more money every year forward.

  • Dental Management and Marketing

    Buy dental management software that beats every other product on the market. We will finance your entire purchase including hardware. Buy from us and we will put “asses in your chair” and cash in your pocket.*

We are in business to keep you in business and to increase your profit margin.

People not in the practice of dentistry believe that if you have a DDS or a DMD, you are a cash cow. Not any more. Today the changes in dentistry from HMO’s to benefit reduction, to improved dental care to a drop in discretionary income will drive a wedge between you and the dollars you expect to earn practicing the quality care that you were taught in dental school.

We have been in this profession for over 40 years and have seen it all. It is time that you got some help and we will provide that help because unlike all other companies, we have been in your shoes, and we understand the pressure you are under. It is time for relief.